“Wee’lll . . .  Lose a Lot of People” - Zelensky
The Hero of the Establishment - Zelensky – visibly high on drugs or alcohol shamelessly participates in an MSNBC interview without coherence to reasonably answer questions:
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Blood Drips from the Horns of Biden.
Fox News reported that UGA Police Chief Jeffrey Clark announced that police charged Jose Antonio Ibarra with felony murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and other crimes against the UGA nursing student Laken Riley.
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Trucker Revolt, Container Ship Havoc at the Red Sea and Rising Inflation in the United States: Recipe for Disaster in NYC
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College Prep Aid Expanding to Illegal Immigrants
The Biden administration is about to hand over $1.2 billion in college prep money, meant for low-income and first-gen students, to illegal immigrants. This plan, cooked up by the Department of Education, completely flips the script on who gets access to Federal TRIO programs, which were never meant for illegals.
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Ukrainian Defense Contractors Swindling Funds
In a revelation that borders on the absurd, yet hardly surprising, the SBU intelligence agency of Ukraine has uncovered what can only be described as a farcical $40 million embezzlement scheme.
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God's Army Is Coming to Save Texas
The "God's Army" convoy has emerged as a formidable force against the federal government's failure to secure the southern border. 
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Seven U.S. Trained Fighters Killed in Syria
The situation in the Red Sea vividly illustrates the diminishing influence of the U.S. in maintaining 'deterrence,' a concept that now seems more illusory than ever.
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Tension in the Middle East Threatens Oil Prices
The recent U.S. military strikes against Iranian proxy forces have potentially upended a delicate balance. Until now, the U.S. and China had managed, through a combination of strategic tolerance and diplomatic maneuvering, to keep a lid on Iran's retaliatory capabilities in response to various geopolitical tensions.
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New Illegal Immigration Bill is OUTRAGEOUS!
In a blatant slap in the face to every American, the House has brazenly adopted an 'Israel or Bust' stance, while the Senate has concocted a $118 billion bipartisan agreement.
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