Super Tuesday Begins!

Super Tuesday has rolled in, and Nikki Haley is still hanging on in the race, despite lagging significantly behind the GOP's titan, Donald Trump. Haley, former South Carolina Governor, has shrugged off suggestions to bow out, staying in the fray against all odds.

As voters from 15 states and one U.S. territory cast their ballots, Haley faces an uphill battle against Trump, who's expected to sweep most, if not all, of these primaries. With a stubborn defiance, Haley has made it clear she's in it till Super Tuesday for reasons beyond her own political ambitions, citing a future for the younger generations as her drive.

Trump, on the other hand, is cruising through the primaries with a series of landslide victories, standing tall as the GOP's likely pick. The real suspense hangs over whether Haley will admit defeat post-Super Tuesday, especially with a huge delegate haul at stake that could all but seal Trump's nomination.

But Super Tuesday isn't just about the presidential race. It's a critical juncture for the Republican House majority, with several key congressional races that could tip the balance in Washington. High stakes in states like California and Texas could determine who controls the House next year, with both parties eyeing crucial seats.

Meanwhile, Trump's campaign recently celebrated a unanimous Supreme Court win, ensuring his spot on Colorado's ballot despite legal tussles. The Court's decision highlighted the power struggle between state and federal authorities, with a clear message to leave election matters to Congress.

Amid this political spectacle, Trump is set to address his supporters from Mar-a-Lago, as the world watches Super Tuesday unfold. The question lingers: Why is Nikki Haley still in the race? Perhaps Super Tuesday will provide some answers.

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