Radical Group Sabotages Tesla, Musk Criticizes Counterproductive Attack

A radical group, "Vulkangruppe," targeted Germany's power grid, halting Tesla's Gigafactory and affecting 60,000 residents.

They claimed responsibility, seeking to disrupt Tesla's production of electric vehicles, bizarrely labeling them as "killing machines" on March 8th. Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, criticized the attack as counterproductive, emphasizing the irrationality of halting electric vehicle production over fossil fuel vehicles, hinting at hidden motives against his pro-free speech platform, X.

The incident, which sparked a temporary dip in Tesla's stock, raises questions about the attackers' true intentions.

By targeting a company advancing sustainable transport, "Vulkangruppe" contradicts the environmental cause, suggesting possible manipulation by those opposing Musk's stance on free speech.

This act of sabotage not only undermines efforts toward environmental sustainability but also hints at a deeper agenda, challenging the integrity of environmental activism.

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