Developments with the Trucker revolt continue to unfold. While the initial post we reported went viral but was pulled for family reasons, we now see an independent Trucker stating that there are 350,000 independent truckers with the right to choose their loads – we recognize that the vast majority of Truckers are MAGA or America First. This revolt is UNDERWAY:
  Adding “fire to the fuel” so to speak, the continued Houthi militants’ attacks on container ships will soon impact prices, predominantly in Europe.  The combined effect of these dual shipping crises drives us toward global inflation just as inflation was picking up prior to these events here in the US as reflected by a 4% annualized inflation rate for the last three months ended January, which we reported on February 13th in The Thief in the Night is Back with a Vengeance.

The Fed may well lose control of inflation due to these exogenous factors and will act conservatively regarding decisions on raising or lowering interest rates as the Fed awaits for data to come in and better understand the impact of the multiple inflationary and disruptive factors.  We wrote earlier today on the Fed’s dilemma given rising inflation and the coming election.

When considering the Fed’s circumstance and the legitimacy of the trucker revolt, this further ensures that the Fed will not be able to cut interest rates prior to the November election.
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