Musk Reveals Scary Breakthrough with the First Neuralink Patient

Elon Musk's latest reveal on X Spaces has us peeking into the sci-fi future we've all wondered about. Neuralink's tech leap?

A person with a chip in their brain now slides a cursor on a screen, powered solely by thought. Impressively eerie? Tiptoeing down the course set by Neuralink's "PRIME Study," it's evidence of merging the folds of our brains with the functionality of our aluminum sidekicks.

Yet, as the world of every cybernetic wand's wave gets nearer, there's that resounding whisper from the back of the panel: what doors are we really swinging open?

It leaves you in the uncanny orbit of pondering the lines of today's teaser for tomorrow's question marks. So, from the echo lines of what sounds like our season pilot to Neuralink's age, let's pivot on our mental stamp of every cursor blink and wonder.
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