Inventor of the Standardized Cognitive Test Suggests Biden Should Partake In One

As concerns over President Joe Biden's mental faculties take center stage, the creator of the benchmark cognitive assessment suggests it's high time Biden underwent the test himself. The debate over Biden's cognitive health has escalated, transcending partisan lines, especially after a report by Special Counsel Robert Hur highlighted Biden's foggy memory regarding his vice-presidency tenure and the timing of his son Beau's death. Biden's subsequent mix-up of foreign leaders only fueled the fire.

Dr. Ziad Nasreddine, the Canadian neurologist behind this cognitive 'gold standard,' advocates for all senior politicians to be evaluated. According to Nasreddine, such testing could clarify whether observed forgetfulness is a normal age-related trait or indicative of a more serious cognitive issue. This clarity would benefit everyone, ensuring leaders are mentally fit for their roles.

Nasreddine's test, which includes identifying animals and drawing a cube among its 30 questions, was famously aced by Donald Trump in 2018, who didn't miss the chance to tout his results. Trump has since called for cognitive testing for all presidential hopefuls, amidst growing public concern over Biden's mental sharpness.

With Biden making gaffes like claiming recent conversations with long-deceased leaders, some Democrats are reportedly seeking alternatives for the next election. These incidents, coupled with a concerning poll indicating 86% of Americans doubt Biden's capacity for another term, have sparked a media frenzy attempting to quell the uproar.

As this debate intensifies, the call for transparency and cognitive assessments for aging politicians like Biden becomes ever more pressing, underscoring the public's right to be assured of their leader's mental acuity.

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