CONSERVATIVE is a marketing firm that works to support Constitutional rights, freedom from tyranny, family values, and Christian morals. This multi-faceted firm markets for “red-pilled” men and women, companies and organizations, and provides news services designed to inform and educate readers on the extent of corruption in government, dangers lurking in the financial infrastructure, and threats to Americans as they arise. Our firm also created a Super-PAC,, that will support President Trump for President without coordinating with his campaign, and we will also support America First Candidates through that PAC. 

CONSERVATIVE goes where establishment Republicans dare not tread. We reach out to minorities in inner cities and persons everywhere that have an interest in our issues yet less opportunity to hear them.  Through these efforts, we look to expand support for President Trump and America First.

Finally, we are an organization that recognizes January 6th was a set-up where numerous government agents incited MAGA protesters and surreptitiously participated undercover. We recognize the video evidence that paintballs and tear gas were used to injure and incite MAGA protesters before the heightened environment that materialized. We recognize Capitol Hill officers admitted on video they were dressing up as MAGA. We recognize a government agent sought to entice MAGA to remove glass that the agent had broken, and we recognize Ray Epps is human garbage. In total, it is our grounded understanding that this was a setup designed to entrap conservatives. We will never forget Ashli Babbitt – may she rest in peace. 

Nor shall we forget all the innocent babies and children that suffer in these demonic times. 

God bless you. 
- everyone at The Conservative Team

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