Doritos Decides to Pull a Bud Light... But Worse!

Doritos, a brand notorious for its greasy, genetically modified tortilla chips, has ignited a firestorm of controversy. In a bewildering move by its Spanish division, the brand appointed a non-binary transgender individual with a troubling past involving apparent pedophilia endorsements as its new face.

Indeed, the situation is as real as it gets.

Samantha Hudson, once known as Iván González Ranedo, now serves as Doritos' brand ambassador, featured in the “Crunch Talks” sponsored series. Hudson's past includes statements advocating for "the destruction of the traditional family," among other disturbing proclamations.

However, the controversy deepens. According to Newsweek, Hudson allegedly shared a shockingly inappropriate comment on social media, suggesting violent and predatory actions toward a minor. Another disturbing message from 2014 has Hudson claiming to proclaim being a nymphomaniac in front of a young child.

While Hudson has brushed off these comments as 'jokes,' the public outcry suggests that few find any humor in topics as grave as child abuse.

Moreover, Hudson's past tweets seem to disdainfully target women who have suffered sexual abuse, proposing they be further humiliated.

Frito-Lay, the producer of Doritos and a subsidiary of PepsiCo, has remained silent on the brewing scandal.

This latest debacle makes Bud Light's recent controversy with Dylan Mulvaney appear almost tame in comparison, highlighting a distressing trend of corporate endorsements gone awry.

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