Shootout Near Texas Border Leaves 12 Cartel Members Dead

In a striking conflict in Tamaulipas, Mexico, a clash between local troops and assumed cartel gunmen unfolded at 2 p.m., leaving 12 attackers dead.

The deadly gunfight involved military drones and a helicopter, marking another episode in the ongoing struggle against the might of drug cartels, especially the Gulf Cartel that haunts the Tamaulipas borderlands. Authorities seized multiple firearms and ammunition in the aftermath, a reflection of the cartels' enduring mark on the state.

The string of violence seeping through Tamaulipas isn't new, shadowed by the Gulf Cartel's operation for nearly a century.

Notable was the grim season of U.S. citizens caught in the recent crime spree, including a March incident involving the harrowing kidnap of four, two of whom succumbed to their dire mistreatments. Moreover, a manhunt in Reynosa culminated in the harrowing discovery of 27 innocents in June.

These crises embody the unrelenting violence in a campaign launched in 2006, now veiled by over 420,000 national murders and 110,000 told displacements.

The pall of lawlessness burdens Mexico, alluding to the world's discouragement that the U.S. and Mexico labor to bridge. — A near-day's letter on the notations of casualty, stitching the instance of uncured dignity that fools the crosshair of pursuit.

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