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The Devil Sets the Stage - Yet President Trump, With Angels on His Shoulders, Shall Prevail
Donald Trump Cannot Attend Next Week's Presidential Immunity Hearing at the US Supreme Court
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A Massive Victory for Election Integrity in Georgia - Illegals Take a Hike
Georgia is a critical swing state that passed voter reform following the debacles in 2020 and 2022. Of course, liberals were horrified that illegal immigrants may be filtered out through a citizenship verification process.
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CPI Comes in Hot Amidst Scandal of Data Leaked to Liberal Banks!
The March CPI numbers reported earlier this morning: Read More!
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The Corrupt Jack Smith Filed His Argument Against Allowing Immunity for President Trump
Jack Smith's Brief to the Supreme Court is stunningly biased and absurd; like a large turd in the scales of justice.
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Biden Will Make Us Suffer Severe Inflation Before He Leaves
Just before summer we learn from the darkest Financial Firm in the World that oil prices are set to rally.
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The US Added 691,000 Part-Time Jobs in March
The Jobs numbers are in and the seasonally adjusted final result is a strong gain of 303,000 jobs.
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Kari Lake Seeks Expedited Review by SCOTUS - A Critical Moment in American History
If SCOTUS Fails to Take Up Lake's Case, the Odds of a 2024 Steal and Legitimate Authoritarianism Skyrocket
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No Zuckerbucks in Wisconsin! – A Huge Shift in Odds Favoring Trump
Wisconsin is expected to be a close race.  At real clear politics, Trump leads by an average of 0.6% well inside the margin of error but his more recent polls have been improving.
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