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A Win for Election Law in the Critical State of Pennsylvania
Under Pennsylvania law, mail-in and absentee voters must sign and date the declaration printed on the return envelope containing their mail ballot.
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Lara Logan’s Report of Cyber Terrorism in Baltimore Confirmed by NFSC Speaks
NFSC Speaks is out with a video clearly reporting that the Bridge collapse in Baltimore was terrorist activity by the Chinese Communist Party using remote towing technology.  They state that the CCP has launched a terrorist attack against the United States and such an attack can be replicated against a broad array of vehicles and ships.
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The Treasury and Federal Reserve Are Baking an Inflationary Cake of the Millenium
As reported in Michael Hartnett’s “The Flow Show” – Dove means never having to say you’re sorry, the Treasury has been aggressively issuing very short duration Treasuries – mainly T-bills.
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Alex Bruesewitz Leads in a Hypothetical Match Up in Wisconsin's 8th District to Replace Spiteful Mike Gallagher
Trump ally Alex Bruesewitz surged to a 20-point lead in a hypothetical House race to replace retiring Rep. Mike Gallagher (R) in Wisconsin’s eighth district, according to Cygnal polling exclusively obtained by Breitbart News.
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Trump Media now Trading under DJT – President Trump is Winning
DJT shares for the Trump Media and Technology Group Corp. are currently trading around $71 (10:49 am) after being halted at $78.80 for hitting the upper limit under intraday price constraints.  We can expect that artificially constrained rally to be resumed.
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London Judges Question Fairness of United States Trials – Biden must give Assurances that Jillian Assange Will Not Suffer Prejudice
Finally – the scales should be ripped from the eyes of any remaining believers in our government.  The United States is no longer free; the United Kindom's court openly expressed concern that the US Court System will exert prejudice against Jillian Assange.
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The Appellate Court Reflects a Partial Sense of Sanity – Reducing President Trump's Bond to $175 Million
The threats against President Trump keep falling away – though $175 million is still absurd:
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The FDA on Track to be Punished for It’s Role in the Murder of the Countless COVID Patients Denied Ivermectin
On appeal from the District Court for the Southern District of Texas, the mighty Fifth Circuit unanimously reversed the dismissal of a lawsuit against the FDA and HHS for overstepping their authority in denouncing the use of ivermectin to treat COVID.
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