Are Firms Known for Naked Short Selling Now Attacking DJT Stock? (UPDATED)

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Ken Griffin has just donated $5 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).  This donation occurred just as many of the largest Trump donors are reportedly pulling back from donating to President Trump due to the high risk that he find himself behind bars.  Judge Merchan, a deeply sick man suffering TDS, seeks to ensure Trump goes to prison while his daughter, also infected with the seemingly incurable disease, profits from her father's corrupt works.

It is well known in Washington that Mr. Griffin, founder of Citadel, the darkest financial institution on Wall Street, despises President Trump.  The donation appears timed to reflect that the President will be knocked out of the race by this kangaroo court.

Coincidently Citadel is the largest market maker on Wall Street with regard to the stock market.  Market makers benefit from an exemption where they can accumulate short positions without having to “locate” shares to enable them to efficiently make markets – but they are not permitted to abuse this exemption to acquire a short position for their own interest.

As background, investors can sell short stock for the purpose of seeking to profit in the event the stock’s price falls.  The process is to borrow another’s shares and sell them.  The borrower is obligated to buy back shares later to close the short position.  However, the broker to the short seller must locate and tag shares that are to be used to execute the short.  Otherwise, the risk exists that people could do “naked shorts” which don’t require locating the stock – and would enable manipulation by having an effectively infinite supply of shares to short at no cost.

As we previously reported in an article entitled Hating Trump is Costly, the cost to borrow DJT shares is extremely high because many owners of Trump stock are unwilling to lend the shares to others that seek to short sell the stock.  As a result, the limited amount of shares available have driven up the price of shorting to levels that are extraordinary and prohibitive.

In recent weeks; however, DJT shares have fallen dramatically – and it is highly unlikely that this is occurring without the benefit of substantial short selling.  But how can shorts be executed when the cost of shorting is in excess of 150% per year?

Well, the Kobeissi Letter reports that Trump Media reported potential naked shorting to Nasdaq:
Sadly, as every aspect of government and the establishment have their sites set on taking out President Trump, the chief regulator that oversees stock market manipulation is the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) led by liberal Gary Gensler and the same SEC that dragged out the DWAC SPAC approval for years clearly due to Trump’s interest in DWAC/DJT.

Can we really expect the SEC to do its job and investigate the potential naked shorting of DJT despite the political circumstance?  Note, Citadel as recently as last year was fined by the SEC for the practice of naked shorting:

The attacks on President Trump are relentless – and yet he continues to overcome each hurdle placed before him.  Let us hope and pray that these evil souls that fight him at every turn continue to fail.  And if you love the true President, the best show of support may be to buy DJT stock and further stress short sellers and the apparently corrupt SEC that will likely close its eyes to this illegal practice.  Note, trading the stock is highly risky given the circumstance and corruption so accepting full risk of loss is an important consideration and you should consult a broker if considering to do so.

UPDATE - DJT SHARES ROSE BY 9% TODAY AS NEWS OF THE REPORT TO NASDAQ ON NAKED SHORTING WAS ABSORBED BY THE MARKET.  It is possible that this news sparked buying interest of Trump supporters and scared those firms that had executed naked shorts causing them to close any naked short positions.

CITADEL clearly had an attack of low class rage and responded to Trump Media's allegations of Naked Shorting -- FAILING TO DENY THE ALLEGATIONS:

"Devin Nunes is the proverbial loser who tries to blame 'naked short selling' for his falling stock price.  Nunes is exactly the type of person Donald Trump would have fired on 'The Apprentice.'  If he worked for Citadel Securities, we would fire him, as ability and integrity are at the center of everything we do." 

This classless and pathetic statment appears an example of Citadel's supposed high integrity.  Yet even more comical, as the link above showed, Citadel in September of 2023 settled with the SEC for having been caught Naked Short Selling.  Citadel does not have credibility on this topic because their record reflects the alleged activity. 

The loud squawking of innocence paired with a recent history of this illegal practice sounds more like pangs of guilt.

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