The Devil Sets the Stage - Yet President Trump, With Angels on His Shoulders, Shall Prevail

Background on the Corrupt Actions of Judge Merchand and his Daughter Leading up to Today:

To remind readers of the corrupt foundation this case sits on, as first reported by Laura Loomer, Loren Merchan is the sophisticated political operative and President of Authentic Campaigns, a highly effective fundraising operation that raised many millions on behalf of Adam Schiff and Senate Majority PAC among a long list of other deeply progressive liberals.  In combination, since the Trump indictment parade began, Schiff and the Senate Majority PAC raised over $93,000,000, in large part, by promoting the indictments and Loren Merchan’s operation raised a substantial share of those funds.

We had first reported in Alvin Bragg and Judge Merchan Circling the Wagons Around Loren Merchan that Judge Merchan openly violates New York Judiciary Law § 14 where, in cases of glaring conflicts of interest, the law requires the Judge to recuse himself from the case.  Minckler v. D’Ella makes application of this law in this context crystal clear as the conflict here is outrageous yet a perfect parallel to the Minckler case on the law.

Alvin Bragg’s assist to Judge Merchan seeks to provide cover to the Judge’s glaring conflict by gagging the opposition.  This expands the violation of Judiciary Law § 14 to now reflect an attempted cover-up of the conflict of interest.  Specifically, the gag order seeks to quiet President Trump on this issue to keep the Merchan family conflict out of the press. The Judge is walking on very thin ice as this likely expands now beyond Judiciary Law § 14 to criminal acts and certainly is election interference as well.

Loren Merchan is not a child, nor is she innocent – she actively participates and profits from the ongoing persecution of President Trump; the sums of political money she works with are extraordinary and undoubtedly she profits immensely.  Adam Schiff, her largest client and largest beneficiary of her services, is a known liar and fraud that cannot breathe without uttering hatred and falsities against President Trump.

After the Loomer revelations and further legal points made public, President Trump’s attorneys soon followed with a second motion to have Judge Merchan recuse himself and referencing Judiciary Law 14. 

Judge Merchand Corruptly Refused to Recuse Himself:

Today as expected, The apparently LGBTQ inspired Judge, with glasses that make him look looserish and pathetic, ruled that he will not recuse himself from the case.  Apparently, this opportunity to trash Trump in New York City and vastly increase the wealth of his political activist daughter is simply too much for him to give up.  However, even in the corrupt hell hole that is New York City there is a good chance the appellate court will remove this clown.

Professor Jonathan Turley Describes the Flawed and Politically Driven Case:

Law Professor Jonathan Turley, a well known Democrat that nonetheless retains a grounded clarity in the law and remarkable neutrality, has written an opinion piece in the New York Post on the travesty underway that he refers to as a “Rube Goldberg” case. A key excerpt of his opinion piece states that the prosecutor, Alvin Bragg:

“used the alleged federal crime to bootstrap a defunct misdemeanor charge into a felony in the current case. He is arguing that Trump intentionally lied when his former lawyer Michael Cohen listed the payments as retainer costs rather than a payment — to avoid reporting it as a campaign contribution to himself.

Thus, if he had simply had Cohen report the payment as “hush money,” there would be no crime.

Once again, the contrast to other controversies is telling. Before the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton’s campaign denied that it had funded the infamous Steele dossier behind the debunked Russian collusion claims.

The funding was hidden as legal expenses by then-Clinton campaign general counsel Marc Elias.”

To provide some context on campaign contributions, while there are tight limits to contributions from others, a politician that funds their own campaign is not subject to any contribution limits, but only required to disclose what they have contributed.  What Professor Turley points out here is that the entire alleged crime, which is past the statute of limitations but revived through use of a federal statute, was the labelling of the payment by Cohen as a legal expense rather than a political one, where a political expense entitled “hush money” or payment for cooperation” would have placed the President in the clear.

Whether the President was even aware of this level of accounting detail or whether his attorney, the corrupt fraudster Cohen, made this decision on his behalf is something the pathetic New York CPolitico's Sumourt is bound to place in the lap of the President in any case.

Politico's Summary of the Case:

There are 34 felony charges against President Trump.  As reported by Politico:

Manhattan prosecutors allege that Trump falsified business records to cover up a sex scandal with a porn star. In the final weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign, prosecutors say, Trump arranged to buy the silence of Stormy Daniels to prevent her from speaking publicly about a sexual encounter she says she had with Trump in 2006. Prosecutors say Trump then falsified entries in his company’s books to disguise records related to the hush money.

The bare-bones crime of falsifying business records is a misdemeanor in New York. But it becomes a felony if the defendant falsified the records to further a second crime. Prosecutors have charged Trump with 34 felony counts. They say he falsified his business records to further separate campaign-finance and tax crimes.

The trial will start with jury selection where the prosecution relies on Artificial Intelligence to identify moderates and conservatives to toss from the jury pool with the help of their conspirator Judge Merchan.

This is bound to be a uniquely colorful Kangaroo court:

The case is ground zero for the Democrat 2024 campaign. Be ready for a gut wrenching liberal psychodrama of a lifetime; a bonanza of pure evil.  We will identify each Kangaroo of insanity as they develop.

The First Kangaroo - reported by Politico:

The district attorney's office is asking the judge to impose a fine of $1,000 for each of three Truth Social posts that prosecutors say violate the judge’s gag order, prosecutor Christopher Conroy said. Prosecutors are also asking the judge to order Trump to take down the posts.

Trump attorney Todd Blanche argued that Trump wasn't violating the gag order because he was merely "responding to salacious repeated attacks by these witnesses." Merchan replied: "I don't recall that there's an exception if he's being attacked."

The Second Kangaroo (election interference): 

 The Third Kangaroo - barred from Barron's High School Graduation:
  The Fourth Kangaroo - Donald Trump Cannot Attend Next Week's Presidential Immunity Hearing at the US Supreme Court This Judge is not only a liberal activist, but a hateful man that wants to impose personal suffering on President Trump in addition to election interference.  More Kangaroos will undoubtedly develop.  The pattern developing with these out of control lunatics is that they inevitably go too far and it all blows up.
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