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Murthy v. Missouri at SCOTUS: Arguments on Government's collusion with Social Media
Appears the Republican Nominated Justices will Negotiate a Compromise Solution over Our First Amendment
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Boeing in Decline – [D]iversity, [I]nclusion and [E]quity (DIE)
As Boards across the nation fell victim to the woke propaganda, Boeing suffered the same conversion – however, most companies don’t send you in the air on a wing and a prayer. 
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Haitians caught on the water, smuggled by armed Americans. AI Image
Initial indications are that these new Haitian Biden voters have not eaten anyone on the boat
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Is the TikTok Bill the Get Trump Bill? Please review this anonymous analysis
Conservative Official asks for your help and thoughts.  An anonymous analysis was provided to the also anonymous Swamp Hound
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Supreme Court Case Monday will Crush the Government's Plans to Regulate Speech via the Tiktok Bill
While the TikTok Ban shot through the House, is speeding through the Senate and may well become law in the next few weeks, many are concerned that it is a Trojan Horse, not protecting us from Chinese propaganda, but instead directly empowering the President to regulate internet speech.
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The Battle Lines Being Drawn – President Trump Rising
As Ken Buck becomes the Judas Priest causing Congress to lose all potency and become a liability, where the incompetent establishment behaves like emasculated bumbling dying bees; a representation of President Trump, empowered by faith, and fighting for the people against "Jobu", the demonic voodoo god:
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Inflation Rising
As the Fed claims it is getting closer to cutting interest rates, inflation continues to go the wrong way.
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The Rising Conservative Alliance – Portugal Expecting a Big Win
Exit Polls Show Conservative Right parties expected to win majority in Portugal
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Bloomberg Caught Intentionally Using Stale Data
The Real Jobs Numbers Are Terrible, especially for Native Born, and Full-Time workers
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The Prosecutorial Noose is Closing Around Senator Menendez
Menendez Maintains his Innocence – Perhaps He Hangs in Long Enough to Hand the Senate Race to a Conservative.
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President Trump Wins Big at the Supreme Court on Ballot Disqualification
This Telegraphs Huge Anticipated Victories in the coming 1512 case against January 6ers and the Presidential Immunity case. 
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