Speaker Mike Johnson Has No Spine

Now that 19 House Republicans joined Democrats to prevent bringing the FISA bill and related amendments to the floor, it appears that Speaker Mike Johnson may bring a clean FISA extension next.

Similar to McCarthy, instead of putting FISA on ice, Johnson now punishes the conservative wing by intentionally seeking the original version of FISA to ensure continued abuse.

The slithery spineless snake of a man openly shared his “epiphany” regarding FISA and called on all House members to go through the process he had:
  Many of us assumed Mike Johnson faced some sort of establishment driven transformation given his now deep support for Ukraine and other establishment behaviors; however, it is impressive to see how thoroughly Congress destroys its members and rebuilds them into monsters.
Mike Johnson is truly remarkable in that he can publicly share a 180 flip and act like it really is no big deal. Sadly it looks like he must stay in place through this term as his removal risks empowering Hakeem.

Meanwhile, to remind you that Mike Johnson is simply off-base, Rep. Luma reveals that Republican members are spied on using FISA and of course Tucker Carlson as well:
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