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Inflation Rising Amidst War Drums
Inflation and War. As memories fade, the dangers of war loom large, and with that the poverty of severe inflation.
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War Drums Beat
Macron appears the French version of war lunatic Lindsey Graham -- but with actual power to execute his mad vision
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The Federal Reserve Births Another Infantile Capital Requirement
A new Administration cannot come fast enough – it seems these last few months of quasi-Totalitarian Hell will be a doozy.
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Fake News tries to start Real War
As we had reported on February 24th, NATO authorized Ukraine to strike within Russia’s borders.  Part of the impetus for these extreme acts followed Tucker’s interview with Putin and Navalny’s death thereafter.
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NATO Authorizes Ukraine to Strike within Russia’s Borders
As reported by the main stream media, and in this case, Newsweek, “NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Ukraine has a right to use its Western-supplied weapons to defend itself against Russia, even if that includes striking targets within Russia's borders.”
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The Stock Market Aligns with Ayn Rands’ Vision - NVIDIA Carries the Nation on Its Shoulders
Remarkable matters to digest in the stock markets this week.  Peak bubble risk was rising in recent weeks – see February 9th article – Mike Hartnett of Bank of America had then pointed out that we were not quite there yet.
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