(UPDATED) Alvin Bragg and Judge Merchan Circling the Wagons Around Loren Merchan

UPDATE found at end of story.

The election interference effort deemed to be President Trump’s Hush Money trial takes a predictable step deeply expanding the corruption of Judge Merchan and his daughter Loren Merchan.  The angry and pathetic District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, on April 1st, stepped into the gag order debate seeking an expansion of the gag order to cover Judge Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan.  Alvin Bragg’s motion reflects panic (and reflects a comical element of inferiority with Bragg’s laughable use of a word many have never heard - “contumacious”):

Defendant's dangerous, violent, and reprehensible rhetoric fundamentally threatens the integrity of these proceedings and is intended to intimidate witnesses and trial participants alike— including this Court. The People accordingly submit this memorandum in further support of our March 28 request that the Court (1) clarify or confirm that its March 26, 2024 Order Restricting Extrajudicial Statements protects family members of the Court, the District Attorney, and all other individuals mentioned in the Order; and (2) warn defendant that his recent conduct is contumacious and direct that defendant immediately desist from attacks on family members.

The desperate Judge Merchan rapidly agreed as reported by Gateway Pundit.  Bragg’s act made him an active participant in the Judge’s violation of Judiciary Law § 14 that we reported yesterday.

As first reported by Laura Loomer and then snagged by NYPost (who I incorrectly credited yesterday), Loren Merchan is the sophisticated political operative and President of Authentic Campaigns, a highly effective fundraising operation that raised many millions on behalf of Adam Schiff and Senate Majority PAC among a long list of other deeply progressive liberals.  In combination, since the Trump indictment parade began, Schiff and the Senate Majority PAC raised over $93,000,000, in large part, by promoting the indictments and Loren Merchan’s operation raised a substantial share of those funds.

We had described yesterday that Judge Merchan openly violates New York Judiciary Law § 14 where, in cases of glaring conflicts of interest, the law requires the Judge to recuse himself from the case.  Minckler v. D’Ella makes application of this law in this context crystal clear as the conflict here is outrageous yet a perfect parallel to the Minckler case on the law.

Alvin Bragg’s assist to Judge Merchan seeks to provide cover to the Judge’s glaring conflict by gagging the opposition.  This expands the violation of Judiciary Law § 14 to now reflect an attempted cover-up of the conflict of interest.  Specifically, the gag order seeks to quiet President Trump on this issue to keep the Merchan family conflict out of the press. The Judge is walking on very thin ice as this likely expands now beyond Judiciary Law § 14 to criminal acts and certainly is election interference as well.

Loren Merchan is not a child, nor is she innocent – she actively participates and profits from the ongoing persecution of President Trump; the sums of political money she works with are extraordinary and undoubtedly she profits immensely.  Adam Schiff, her largest client and largest beneficiary of her services, is a known liar and fraud that cannot breathe without uttering hatred and falsities against President Trump.

In conclusion, Judge Merchan and his daughter are in great trouble.  The apparent temptation of great wealth tarnished their opportunity to falsely imprison President Trump. Now they must play defense and endless parlor tricks to try to both gain the wealth and attack the President.  It won’t work out for them.
--UPDATE -- 

The President's pre-motion letter to the [Dis]honorable Judge Merchan tracked the precise legal predicament I described with caselaw in the April 1st article on Merchan.  This is an exciting development.
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