Liberal Judges on the 5th Circuit Tell the Supreme Court and the previous Fifth Circuit Panel to Pound Sand

As reported by Epoch Times, a different panel in the Fifth Circuit federal appeals court voted 2-1 late on Tuesday ordering the reinstatement of the hold to again block Texas from enforcing its law that allows local law enforcement to arrest and deport suspected illegal immigrants.

This decision came from a three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that overturned a previous ruling made by another 5th Circuit panel of the same court that had granted an administrative stay to block the injunction blocking the state law.  So, basically, different panels of the 5th Circuit now conflict in their actions – note, this behavior within a circuit court is absurd.

By the actions of the new Fifth Circuit panel, they have just made this matter purely political – law is out the window at the Fifth Circuit.

And if this is all very confusing and tragic – that’s because it is.  

To be clear, ultimately, this will likely go back to the Supreme Court and it would have the last word.  The ability of the 5th Circuit to now block the Texas State Law is because the Supreme Court effectively stepped out until the matter returns to them.  Had the 5th Circuit remained consistent with its prior stance on the injunction, Texas would be able to enforce the state law.  It's the surprising flip at the 5th Circuit that causes this surprise outcome.

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