Trump Media now Trading under DJT – President Trump is Winning
DJT shares for the Trump Media and Technology Group Corp. are currently trading around $71 (10:49 am) after being halted at $78.80 for hitting the upper limit under intraday price constraints.  We can expect that artificially constrained rally to be resumed.
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Tragedy Strikes Baltimore.  Pray for those Lost.
A Singapore-flagged MAERSK container ship leaving the Port of Baltimore ran into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which then completely collapsed. 
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Bloomberg Caught Intentionally Using Stale Data
The Real Jobs Numbers Are Terrible, especially for Native Born, and Full-Time workers
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Doritos Decides to Pull a Bud Light... But Worse!
Doritos, a brand notorious for its greasy, genetically modified tortilla chips, has ignited a firestorm of controversy.
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Radical Group Sabotages Tesla, Musk Criticizes Counterproductive Attack
A radical group, "Vulkangruppe," targeted Germany's power grid, halting Tesla's Gigafactory and affecting 60,000 residents.
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Market Overvalued, Future Returns Likely Disappointing: Bank of America
Bank of America's recent analysis highlights a stark reality: the market is significantly overvalued by 20 of the 25 metrics they track, casting a shadow over the surge in bullish sentiment.
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U.S.-South Korea Drills Prompt North Korea Tensions
As the U.S. and South Korea embark on their 'Freedom Shield' exercises, anticipation mounts over North Korea's likely aggressive response.
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Super Tuesday Begins!
Super Tuesday has rolled in, and Nikki Haley is still hanging on in the race, despite lagging significantly behind the GOP's titan, Donald Trump.
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“Wee’lll . . .  Lose a Lot of People” - Zelensky
The Hero of the Establishment - Zelensky – visibly high on drugs or alcohol shamelessly participates in an MSNBC interview without coherence to reasonably answer questions:
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Blood Drips from the Horns of Biden.
Fox News reported that UGA Police Chief Jeffrey Clark announced that police charged Jose Antonio Ibarra with felony murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and other crimes against the UGA nursing student Laken Riley.
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Trucker Revolt, Container Ship Havoc at the Red Sea and Rising Inflation in the United States: Recipe for Disaster in NYC
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