Whores, Dealers and other Illegals Fly for Free – and Register to Vote Where Told

Some of you may recall my recent article “Whores Fly for Free”.  The key portion of that article stated, with regard to a major prostitution sting:

Sheriff Judd then said that the three victims told law enforcement that when they came to the United States illegally “DHS gave them a form, and ID paperwork that allows them to fly for free.”

So, while the three sex workers operate out of New York, they said they fly to major metropolitan areas for free “on the federal government where they set up their appointments for sex all around the country.”

. . . .

These criminal aliens, and likely all 320,000+ criminal aliens that were flown into the country, if provided the same credentials as these prostitutes, are effectively on call with the ability to fly around the nation -- they can potentially vote in multiple states, traveling rapidly at no cost. . .

The resusable flight credentials for these illegal immigrants are critical to their ability to travel from state to state and swing state to swing state to register to vote, as well as meet clients in whatever illicit business they work in.

Now a firm, Omega4America, running a highly quantitative solution has come to the same conclusion using big data.  Via the gateway pundit, Omega4America writes:

Leftist election fraud happens every 2 year cycle – it just happens a little differently each time.

In 2024, the unique new fraud scheme – demonstrated in the data – at scale, in multiple states – now – is allegedly registering illegal aliens, flown in via the Biden Express, delivered to newly formed homeless addresses – then sending the migrants on their way – and collecting their ballots – and voting them.

This firm specializes in cleaning voter rolls across the nation, primarily in the swing states.  If their team has identified voter registrations consistent with the Whores Fly for Free program, it is time to worry – and call your member of Congress – unless of course the whores fly to Washington.

The Gateway Pundit article continues:

The details are fascinating:

These NGOs set up addresses that seem like homeless shelters – but aren’t – they are migrant ballot registration collection points. Some are just offices in crappy strip malls.

We know because we drill into the actual address photos. Watch our videos on Omega4America.com.

The migrants show up, get a phone, gift cards worth several grand, get registered to vote.

In Wisconsin, for instance, there is a Form EL-131.

Form EL-131 says if you are homeless, check the box. You can register to vote with no supporting ID.

This is an independent analysis backed by big data confirming that whores, dealers and other varieties of criminals really do fly for free – and register to vote all over the country. 

Even though President Trump is leading substantially, it is time to worry.  300,000+ persons adding registrations to vote that are then voted absentee or early in all swing states, if fully successful, would add 300,000 votes in each of those states.

I must add that Omega4America does really appear to have strong technology to identify all of this.  Godspeed in their ability to implement it in critical swing states.
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