Christianity under assault -- While Muslims Destroy Europe, One British Historian Provides a Remarkably Clear Statement on the Muslim History of Invasiveness, Immorality and Slavery

This video below is engaging – it’s a must watch as most of us don’t know a fraction of the history that this British fellow states so eloquently amidst a disruptive environment of protesters.  The history challenges the false woke dependence on the Crusades as a means to push hate of Christianity -- when in fact, it is quite the opposite:
  In support of this gentleman's argument, please also take a few minutes to watch the dynamic jihad map created by Bill Warner, Ph.D. After hearing this history, please consider this fine lady and her condescending thankfulness for welfare in the UK:
  And meanwhile, in parallel, the Biden administration directly expands immigration from Muslim countries, with new processing centers in Qatar and Turkey, with an appropriation of 3.5 Billion in the most recent war funding bill. The increasing risk of Muslim control over western nations cannot be ignored as the globalists continue to work to give them a red carpet:
  The rapid increase of Muslim population in the United Kingdom and their political power has destabilized the UK:
  Yet, the Muslim political effort seems to have gone too far too fast as pigs eat, and hogs get slaughtered. Humza Yousef has stepped down in part due to his anti-white tirade.  For the moment, the tide appears to be turning in Scotland and in the UK.  Sadly we can expect that opponents of the forced muslimization of the West will be deemed extremists and face legal risk:
  And with great hope, we look forward to the 2024 elections where with the return of President Trump, we can expect a broad expulsion of illegal immigrants in the United States and that globally he can open the eyes of western globalists to the self-harm they are committing.
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