Kari Lake Seeks Expedited Review by SCOTUS - A Critical Moment in American History

Sadly, to date, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) and lower courts have not heard a legitimate election integrity case regarding swing states in the 2020 or 2022 elections.  To be clear, it is not that the cases were heard by the Court and the challengers lost – it is that all the lower courts and SCOTUS, stretched to deny standing or otherwise deter hearing any of the election integrity cases.

Many of the attorneys that argued on behalf of their Republican clients on the subject of election integrity now face disbarment as DC, MI and other bars relentlessly pursue them, clearly in large part, to prevent their ability to challenge elections going forward. It appears, given the largely establishment lean of the court system, that Judges look through a biased lens against conservatives and especially against President Trump.

Note, even those attorneys representing conservatives that succeed to keep their licenses and stay out of prison nonetheless suffer financial costs of litigation and related stress that leave them wounded and in many cases incapable of carrying on as election integrity attorneys.

The US Supreme Court has tended to avoid bias in its decisions; however – not in the case of election integrity – not yet.  SCOTUS needs to take a case before the 2024 election to make clear that it stands with election integrity.

Kari Lake filed a case that has incontrovertible evidence that the Arizona Secretary of State and accomplices did tamper with the elections in multiple and extraordinary ways.

The Filing is strong and a good summary is provided here:
Note, despite some commentary to the contrary on X, the waivers filed by the Arizona Secretary of State and other respondents do not represent an admission or any negative act but merely provide them the ability to respond if the Court asks them to.  This is an efficiency in the event the Court has no interest at all – which, sadly, is a realistic potential outcome.

Excerpts from the Case:

Specifically, the new evidence attached here shows, inter alia, that: (1) the equipment provided by Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. (“Dominion”) violates basic cyber security standards by leaving master cryptographic encryption keys on the machines in plain text, thereby allowing any malicious actor to take control over the electronic voting machines and the election results—without likely detection; and (2) Maricopa County used illegally altered election software in the 2020 and 2022 elections and falsely represented that this software is certified by Election Assistance Commission (“EAC”). Even if this Court does not accept this evidence in support of petitioners’ standing, the Court can and should accept the evidence in support of the urgency to resolve this matter expeditiously. Left uncorrected, these issues would render the true 2024 election results undeterminable.
. . . .

• Despite certifications by the Election Assistance Commission (“EAC”), voting machines like those used in Arizona have been hacked, manipulated, or failed to record votes accurately on multiple occasions. Pet.App:65a-82a, 65a-82a, 88a-91a (¶¶30, 72-107, 125-134).
• All Arizona-certified optical scanners and ballot marking devices, as well as the software on which they rely, have been wrongly certified for use in Arizona because they do not comply with the statutory requirements set forth at A.R.S. §16-442(B), making these systems easily vulnerable to manipulation. Pet.App:54a, 91a-94a (¶¶23, 135-143).
• Maricopa election officials did not have the credentials necessary to validate tabulator configurations and independently validate the voting system prior to an election. The vendor, Dominion, had those credentials. Pet.App:62a, 95a (¶¶63, 148-49).
• Recognized experts have shown that all safety measures intended to secure electronic voting machines against manipulation of votes, such as risk limiting audits and logic and accuracy tests, can be defeated. Pet.App:56a. 94a-95a (¶¶31, 144-146).

Cyber Expert Clay Parikh testified that he had performed “a hundred or more security tests” on electronic voting machines, like those used in Arizona, while performing EAC certification tests. Pet.App:155a. Parikh testified it took him “[o]n average, five to ten minutes” to hack these voting machines, including the voting machines like those used in Arizona. Id.

Another cyber expert, Ben Cotton, previously retained by the Arizona Senate to examine Maricopa’s electronic voting machines, testified that Maricopa’s “air gapped” system “could be bypassed in about 30 seconds.” Pet.App:147a-148a. He also found “actual evidence of remote log-ins into [Maricopa’s] EMS server.” Id.

This expert testimony—unrefuted by respondents and ignored by the Ninth Circuit, App:3a—showed additional concrete evidence of actual past ballot manipulation and/or remote log-in intrusion in Maricopa and Pima Counties through the electronic voting machines i.e., uncorrected systemic vulnerabilities going into the November 2022 election.

In short, the concern here is that Arizona is ground zero for the election steal and the size of the steal in that state was immense. While SCOTUS has made some fantastic decisions as of late and has taken cases of critical and political importance such as the DOJ’s misapplication of law under 1512(c) regarding charges against January 6ers that they obstructed an official proceeding, election integrity is yet to be dealt with.

If SCOTUS refuses to agree to an expedited hearing, summary reversal, or at least a merits briefing as requested by Petitioners, then the United States is at a vastly increased risk of completely devolving into authoritarian control.
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