The US Added 691,000 Part-Time Jobs in March

The Jobs numbers are in and the seasonally adjusted final result is a strong gain of 303,000 jobs.  However, looking at the unadjusted numbers, as reported by Zerohedge, on an net basis, 691,000 part-time jobs were added and 6,000 full-time jobs were lost.

Welcome to Biden’s America – where the Jobs numbers are baked in cake full of illegal immigrants some of which fly for free to do part-time prostitution alongside schemes to vote illegally.  As these book cooking tricks make us feel that the economy is strong, undoubtedly, those that lost full-time work are confused by the strong numbers and yet lack of jobs for them.

Finally, with the bad optics of all this part-time labor making the jobs numbers appear hot – the Fed will face a greater challenge cutting rates in the face of the hot numbers.  In a sense, the fraudsters at Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS, or BS for short) are preventing Biden from getting the pop in markets and lending that would arise in a rate cutting environment. 

This tying of the Fed’s hands could cost the most senile, and prior to that, dumbest President in American History to lose his reelection.  If Biden loses, the White House can save immediately through reduced diaper purchases and the cancellation of the bevy of drugs used to prop up this extended Weekend at Bernie’s.

Zerohedge has a full-breakdown of the jobs numbers and provides the most truthful analysis – but the key to this month is the part-time number reported above.

Here is the Fake News:
The Real News:
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