The Empire Strikes Back against Kari Lake

Politico, the leftist rag that most DC “politicos” like to read, whether Marxist or Republican, is a great place to look to understand the establishment or Uniparty.

What counts for news on Politico today – that Kari Lake apparently now has conflicted positions, waffles on abortion, and uses flamethrowing rhetoric about strapping on your Glock – and that these errors mean the top establishment Republican Super PACs will now avoid her. 

This is not news – the establishment would never fund Kari Lake.  However an excited opportunistic feeling is rising in Washington as Speaker Johnson has awakened establishment hopes that they can save the Empire and defeat the rebels that include heroes such as Thomas Massie, MTG and, in Arizona, Rep. Gosar.

Here is part of Speaker Johnson's confident statement in an interview he did with Politico after having Democrats from the uniparty cross the aisle and vote for his speakership:

These are perilous times for the country. There are hot wars around the globe. We have allies in jeopardy, our border’s wide open. The cost of living is through the roof. The crime rate’s through the roof. We’ve got antisemitism and angry mobs on college campuses. This is no time for frivolous, palace intrigue and politics.

We have got to have a functioning Congress, and I think the landslide vote against removing the speaker is a signal that I think people on both sides of the aisle obviously understand this is not a time for games.

The Empire in Star Wars effectively represented the Uniparty of today as they were demonic space turds that floated through the galaxies and committed atrocities.  The Force would then need to expend great numbers of human life and the occasional limb to restore good.

On April 17, 2024, the Supreme Court of Arizona enacted a strong anti-abortion law through its ruling this year and by doing so set a trap intended to prevent moderates from crossing over to vote for Trump and Lake.  This law has already been repealed by legislative action where in the Senate 2 Republicans voted with 14 Democrats -- yet the brief existence of the law is being used to scare pro-abortion moderates away from Lake and Trump.  The Politico article is part of this effort to keep the issue of abortion on the front-burner hoping Kari Lake suffers politically.

The decision put Kari in a tough political spot, even though a Senator would have little to do with state law.  The Uniparty worked this same angle on President Trump, yet he smartly stood by his court nominations that brought the downfall of Roe v. Wade.  The President reminded everyone of his success and limited his position to that outcome.

While abortion is evil and babies lives are sacrosanct, if good leaders can’t make it to office, then godless democrats will make gains and get back to the business of killing babies in higher numbers while also further extending their authoritarian controls on our lives.

Here’s a RINO, and Kari's former primary opponent, making a statement to boil blood about Kari Lake:

“When you don’t really have a core belief in anything, and you’re willing to take whatever position you think is politically expedient at the moment, you end up getting caught between a rock and a hard place before too long,” said former Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.), who ran against Lake in 2022.

Kari needed to waffle – but Politico frames her trap avoidance as a political weakness. The establishment has always hated Kari Lake and would never fund her race just as they chose to fund Jim Justice over Alex Mooney in a primary.  The reality is that Kari does very well on earned media and fundraises quite well.  In a relatively low-cost media market that is Arizona, she will be ok.  In fact, her campaign responded to Politico stating:

“Kari Lake has raised the second most of any GOP challenger and is gaining in the polls, more than any GOP challenger,” said Garrett Ventry, a senior adviser to the campaign. “Her opponent, Ruben Gallego is far left, voting with Joe Biden 100 percent of the time. We will make sure voters know that she will win in November.”

Ruben Gallego has only one chance to win Arizona – and that is if the state continues the massive steal of elections that it has done in 2020 and 2022.  Sadly, we can expect he has a good shot on this basis.

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