The DOJ Disregards SCOTUS; Plans to Hammer Jan6ers Even If SCOTUS Wipes Out 1512

The DOJ has warned Defendant Anthony Williams that DOJ would increase sentencing recommendations to offset reductions if Section 1512 and the related enhancements were eliminated in the Fischer v. United States case, to be heard on April 16th.

The DOJ’s absurd filing reflects plans for their abuse of process and implies that DOJ owns the judges in the District of Columbia.  The corrupt prosecutors would also rely on appeals taking long enough that many of the Jan6ers will end up spending the time of the full charge.
The idea that judges would accommodate the DOJ despite the inequity of defendants being sentenced under inapplicable laws and subject to inapplicable enhancements is absurd.  Given the considerations for equitable remedies that would apply due to the extraordinary injustice, the District Court would be required to throw out the 1512 charges and related enhancements and reduce the balance of the sentence as the remedy at a minimum.

The idea that, after the fact, the courts would keep the sentences the same by making each charge be served consecutively instead of concurrently is absurd, but we live in dark times.  My mother used to say - when communism takes hold of a nation, it takes hold quickly; she had escaped a communist nation.

The value of this disturbing revelation is that it now informs the Supreme Court of the DOJ’s plans in advance of the Fischer v United States hearing on Tuesday, April 16th.  While I hoped the DOJ to be reprimanded by SCOTUS, I now believe this is far more likely.
  Pray for the January 6ers – they face an enemy who bleeds from sores developed under TDS, whose hatred has no bounds.  And pray for the enemy; that the scales fall from their eyes.
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