The 2024 Election Typhoon - Illegals vs. Blacks, Latinos, and Young Voters (News & Opinion)

2024 Will be an Election Typhoon – Where a mammoth effort to cheat with Illegal immigrants will face up against the Democrat party’s loss of immigrant citizens, the youth vote, the black vote and the Latino vote.  This literally describes replacement theory in its most gruesome form.  To create communism, Democrats need fresh blood that never knew any better and only understands poverty.  Truth is, by the time these new illegal voters realize what they did, they will feel like the COVID vaxxed generally do – that they’ve been fooled.

The mammoth cheat includes the illegal flight program with special credentials to repeatedly fly to the swing states to register in multiple locations, as well as the millions of Biden loving illegals that crossed the border along with fentanyl dealers, terrorists, spies, kidnapped children and prostitutes.  Note, Omega4America developed technology to identify cheating in real time and at a much more granular level as reported so Democrats won't have the cover of time on their side where historically stuffed ballot boxes took months or years to unearth.

Increasing support for President Trump comes from immigrant citizens, blacks, Latinos, and young voters that all understand the potential for the American Dream and see that opportunity being crushed under the iron boot of liberals.  The democrat party transformed into full authoritarians stripping the population of 1) rights to decide whether or not to take a vaccine, 2) sexual disposition of children, 3) wealth through inflation and conversion to a rental society, 4) love through family destruction, 5) religion through all of the above and by replacing religion with environmentalism, and 6) institutionalized racism through Diversity Equity and Inclusion and Critical Race Theory. 

And much of this is not new.  To understand the big picture and how long this process has gone on in the United States, breaking up families through fundamentally unfair divorce law, womens' liberation being captured by lesbians and men haters, sending elderly to old age homes, and making abortion comfortable - all started many decades ago.  Only recently have they gone fully insane transitioning children to fit into an LGBTQ alphabet soup, attacking religious as extremists and brainwashing women into Karens.  All these demonic acts lead to the same end – no family, no culture, no memory of what was great, a loss of religion, loss of true love and the rise of the state.  Democrats have sought this for a long time.

Americans have had enough - or so it appears.

Interestingly, Tucker Carlson’s most recent interview with Dr. Michael Nehls entitled The Indoctrinated Brain has Dr. Nehls describe that the vax actually attacks the part of the brain that provides for memory and experience, creating somewhat of a “zombie society" -- this would be hard to believe except that it fits perfectly in the context of Democrat goals. We can be thankful that nearly half the country; largely the MAGA, said no to the vax.

And now we see the consequence and backlash against this highly destructive means of introducing a communistic authoritarianism:

As reported by the Conservative Tree House, [t]he Washington Post has an article about Democrat data scientist Aaron Strauss, who helps direct progressive spending at the firm OpenLabs, warning his peers that registering young people to vote, young people of color specifically, is helping Donald Trump.  The data shows that when Democrats help register young voters, they end up registering people who will vote for Trump.  Now they are considering not even holding voter registration drives in target markets because they align with Trump.

The idea that political professionals will turn their backs on young voters they historically relied on is astounding – it shows how far liberals are over their skis – in fact already crashing headlong into a conservative tree.

@shaneyyricch has been interview hundreds of people and getting very interest responses:
As for awareness of the election steal:
The absurdity of institutionalized racism:
James Carville is having a panic attack of young minority voters ditching Dems:
And Newsmax reports that Donald Trump won the working class including blacks and latinos as opposed to Biden's LatinX:
  Let the Election Typhoon Battle Royale begin - I like our odds.
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