Never Forget January 6th

These members of Congress Work on Their Behalf

A group of three Senators and twenty-one Congressman submitted an Amicus Brief, with counsel of record from America First Legal Foundation, supporting Joseph Fischer’s argument against the Department of Justice’s application of 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c) to prosecute January 6th protesters and thereby charge them with exceptionally long prison sentences.  

These members of Congress made a critical argument that only members could – Congress needs certainty in the canons of construction when drafting legislation or else they face the risk that the laws they write would be interpreted differently than they intended.  

In applying 1512(c), the DOJ did just that and corruptly abused its authority to impose extraordinary suffering on protesting Americans aligned with their political foes – an incentive to diminish revolt while Democrats progress toward implementation of a dystopian, perverse, and godless totalitarian state.  Such abuse of law would never fall on Antifa or the mysterious Ray Epps.  

These Republican members of Congress stand out as unique within their party as so many other members turned their backs to maintain power among the establishment.  The case at hand has far greater consequences than just the cruel suffering imposed on Jan6ers.  If the DOJ’s misguided abuse of the law is left to stand, the slippery slope of our constitutional rights will soon turn into a flood, and totalitarianism will more rapidly make a memory of our once-free nation.  We must appreciate these members of Congress – they did not forget, and they stand up at the most important time for the many Jan6ers who suffer and pray from inside of prison.

The Amicus brief was posted February 5th and can be found at:

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