Maduro deploys tanks to Guyana border as the United States, again on its heels, and leading from behind, readies for a second proxy war with Russia.

Milei, the President of Argentina and a hero across Latin America, responded to Nicolas Maduro’s claim that “Milei is a mistake for Latin America” with a tweet translated as: 

I didn't expect SUCH PRAISE...!!! Maduro's impoverishing socialist saying that I am a historical mistake in Latin America confirms that we are on the right      path...!!! LONG LIVE FUCKING FREEDOM

Tragically, Milei was only too right.  

Venezuela, suffering since 2013 under the totalitarian dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, collapsed into poverty.  Since Maduro’s rise to power, Venezuela’s GDP per capita fell from above $8,500 to below $3,500 in 2023.  Meanwhile, in neighboring Guyana, GDP per capita climbed from around $5,500 to above $20,000 in 2023 and economists forecast substantial further growth.

Tragically, this greedy communist now does what communists do best – he looks to spill blood and conquer Guyana to extract wealth and forcibly impose his impoverishing socialism.

The WSJ reports:

Venezuela is backing up its threats to annex part of Guyana and secure access to some of the world’s largest oil finds in more than a decade by moving light tanks, missile-equipped patrol boats and armored carriers to the two countries’ border in what is quickly turning into a new security challenge for the Biden administration.The deployment, visible in satellite images made public Friday and in videos recently posted by Venezuela’s military on social media, is a significant escalation in Caracas’s attempts to obtain some leverage over its neighbor’s newfound energy reserves. It comes despite a written agreement reached in December between Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and Guyanese President Irfaan Ali that denounced the use of force and called for a commission to address territorial disputes.

As Russia is a close ally of and supplier to Venezuela, and, according to the Wall Street Journal, the White House and Defense Department already visited Guyana, the United States appears on a trajectory to extend the proxy dispute with Russia into our backyard.

This tragedy would have been avoided if the United States followed President Trump’s philosophy of Peace through Strength but instead this corrupt and inept administration drives more innocent lives to be lost in war.  

Pray for the People of Guyana and Venezuela – these people do not deserve the evil acts of their and our leaders.

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