Bill Maher Absolutely Destroys Stormy Daniels’ Testimony

Impeachment of witness testimony is a critical part of litigation.  Legal Information Institute defines impeachment of a witness as, in part, the process of discrediting or undermining the credibility of a witness during a trial, by presenting evidence or asking questions that contradict their testimony or reveal a bias, inconsistency, or falsehood in their statements. 

Bill Maher, on his May 11th show did a fantastic job of fully discrediting the lying porn star – see below:
  In 2018 Stormy Daniels stated clearly to Bill Maher that:

I wasn’t attached or raped or coerced or blackmailed, that they tried to shove me in the me too box to further their own agenda and first of all I didn’t want any part of that because it’s not the truth and I’m not a victim in that regard.

In her testimony before Judge Merchan, Stormy made it appear that she was a victim.  Bill Maher shows the direct conflicts when describing her testimony:

"He was bigger and blocking the way" – it’s all the me too buzzwords. She said "there was a power imbalance, imbalance of power, for sure."

"My hands were shaking so hard" - She said she "blacked out."

Then Bill Maher reminds us – “Blacked out" – she’s a porn star
. . . . 
He goes on after brief interruption to say:

“A porn star is used to having sex with people she does not know. That’s the job – it’s kind of like Stormy, Bob – Bob, Stormy”

Frankly the value of Bill Maher’s review of his past interview is extraordinary as it not only perfectly impeaches Daniels, but comes from a famous night show host with independent credibility.

Let us hope the Jury sees the Maher clip and that the defense introduce the 2018 interview as evidence for the Jury to consider.
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