Netherlands and Portugal - Liberals are like Ticks that Don't Let Go

Netherlands – Party of Freedom:

Geert Wilders conceded that, despite winning the most seats, he doesn’t have sufficient support from potential coalition partners to become prime minister. 

Instead, according to MSN:

Wilders' Party for Freedom, the center-right People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, the reformist New Social Contract and pro-agriculture populist Farmer People Movement — are seeking to build what they are calling a “program Cabinet” made up of politicians and experts from outside politics.

Wilders pledged that the new government would “tackle the big problems in this country.”
One of the other leaders who will be at the negotiating table, Pieter Omtzigt of the New Social Contract, sounded a note of caution even before the talks could begin.

Policy will undoubtedly move to the right, particularly on immigration, but not by nearly as much as if Wilders succeeded to the role of Prime Minister.

Portugal – Chega Party (Party of Enough)

Portugal’s center-right leader Luis Montenegro was named prime minister after his coalition’s narrow election win this month with 80 seats.  Montenegro could make a deal with the right/populist party Chega, but he refuses to even negotiate and looks to rule from a minority position. The Chega party, led by Andre Ventura, increased its seats in parliament from 12 to 50 seats.  The Socialist leader Santos’ party won 78 seats.  Montenegro will need to build support for each reform he seeks to push.

Minority rule will shift to the right nonetheless, and the Chega movement likely will continue to grow given its momentum.

Looking Forward

What occurs in Europe with the rise of the right wing is that the left and center refuse to work with them, denying their full victory. Nonetheless, this was a large step to the right and should be reflected in anticipated policies on immigration and economics.

If President Trump were to win big, momentum would likely rise.  

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