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Senator Mike Lee and Rep. Mark Green Seek to Stop Whores (and other illegals) from Flying for Free
Today, House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green introduced the Verifying that All Illegal Aliens Have Legitimate Documents “VALID” Act. Senator Mike Lee is leading companion legislation in the Senate.
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Jamie Dimon Wants More Debt for War and Green Tech, And for MAGA to Shut-up and Accept Inflation and High Rates
Jamie Dimon's annual letter to shareholders made quite a splash this year as he dove into politics and the bosom of the globalist wishlist - in short, his full support for inflation, global division and permanent war.
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Biden Judge Smacks Down DOJ – Courts are Waking Up to Out of Control DOJ
Federal Judge Ana Reyes, appointed by “President” Joe Biden, schooled the DOJ (Department of Justice) attorneys for their sheer dishonesty and hypocrisy.
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Leading from Behind, the US Appears to Again Poke the Bear and Say – Who Me?
US equity futures are dipping lower as bond yields in the US continue to move higher as crude continues to surge and is up another 2% on growing fears of middle-eastern escalation.
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(UPDATED) Alvin Bragg and Judge Merchan Circling the Wagons Around Loren Merchan
Trump Attorney's cite Judiciary Law 14 in Letter Seeking Judge's Recusal
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Jim Justice is in Great Financial Distress and Running for Senate (Conflict of Interest?)
Rep. Alex Mooney is a true conservative - Justice is conflicted man with a collapsing empire. There's only one choice.
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Can't Throw them Out Yet - Texas' Right to Defend Border Denied; Dissent Calls for En Banc or Supreme Court Review
Two politically corrupted Fifth Circuit judges made their decision on keeping the injunction against Texas in place, preventing Texas from enforcing immigration laws in Texas.
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Tragedy Strikes Baltimore.  Pray for those Lost.
A Singapore-flagged MAERSK container ship leaving the Port of Baltimore ran into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which then completely collapsed. 
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